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Experience Security and Smile Confidence with a Dental Bridge

Tooth loss complicates your oral health. The gaps created by the loss of a tooth or teeth can be filled with dental bridge.

Tooth replacement that looks natural

Your surrounding teeth and gums can experience further damage when you lose a tooth or multiple teeth. Tooth loss also affects your facial muscles and general appearance.

Your dental bridge:

  • Creates a natural-looking tooth replacement.
  • Helps prevent adjoining teeth from damage and movement.
  • Enables you to bite, chew, and smile with renewed confidence following tooth loss.
  • Restores the appearance of your face, lips, and jawline.

A long-lasting, cost-effective tooth replacement solution

Your dental bridge is custom-crafted. It’s designed to fit you unique bite and to blend with your surrounding teeth.

  • The type of dental bridge and the details of your tooth loss will determine the treatment cost.
  • You can select a fixed or removable dental bridge.
  • Proper care and follow-up will help your dental bridge last.

Contact your Santa Maria dentist, about your missing tooth or missing teeth. Schedule an examination to discuss your tooth replacement options including a dental bridge.

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