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Fluoride Treatment - A Solution for Tooth Decay and Sensitive Teeth

Tooth decay can result from thriving oral bacteria. Dental fluoride treatment provides a solution for tooth decay and protection for sensitive teeth.

Problem solved for two common oral health issues

Topical dental fluoride applies beneficial minerals to your teeth’s outer layer (the enamel). The safe solution also creates a barrier to reduce sensitive teeth problems.

Fluoride is capable of penetrating the pores of your teeth. As it sets within your tooth structure it hardens and provides protection for the sensitive nerves within your teeth.

Protect your teeth and save time at your next appointment

Your routine teeth cleaning (every six months) is the perfect time to apply fluoride. Your Santa Maria dental hygienist will treat your teeth with topical fluoride during your hygiene appointment.

You’ll also receive care instructions about when it’s okay to eat and drink following fluoride application.

Contact your Santa Maria dentist, for more information about fluoride treatment as a solution for tooth decay and sensitive teeth.

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