Three Bad Habits That Are Terrible for Your Teeth


When we provide dentistry for children, thumbsucking is one of the bad habits we watch out for. Frequently having a thumb in the mouth causes teeth to shift around it. This can lead to problems such as an open bite, which can affect the function of the teeth while eating and speaking and affect facial aesthetics. Thumbsucking is considered normal up until age 3. After that point, you should consult with the dentist or your pediatrician

Biting Your Fingernails

Chewing fingernails is a very common bad habit. The protein that makes up your fingernails may be soft enough to bite through, but it’s actually hard enough that it can cause wear to your teeth over time. As a result, the bottom edges of front teeth start to look ragged or uneven and become more vulnerable to cracks or other damage. If your habit has already caused damage to your teeth, the dentist can assess it and repair it.

Chewing on Ice

This may be one of the worst habits for your dental health. Chewing on frozen water is not that far off from chewing on rocks. Ice can wear out your tooth enamel, making teeth more vulnerable to cracking, tooth decay, and sensitivity to hot and cold. If you have fillings, chewing on ice can make them more brittle and prone to failure. If you continue to find yourself tempted, consider not including ice in your beverages.